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The America's Health Rankings 2016 Senior Report takes a new approach to reviewing the health of seniors by better evaluating health trends of both current and future seniors.

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Spotlight: Impact of Unhealthy Behaviors Examines the Effect of Five Key Unhealthy Behaviors on Health Status
Released in partnership with Family Medicine for America's Health, the report examines the prevalence of these unhealthy behaviors by geography and demographics, as well as the impact these behaviors have on health status.

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New Spotlight: Prevention Report Reveals Hispanics Access Preventive Care Less Than Other Populations
Released in partnership with the American College of Preventive Medicine, Spotlight: Prevention evaluates Americans' use of clinical preventive services through the lenses of Health Care Access, Immunizations, and Chronic Disease Prevention.

America's Health Rankings®: A Call to Action for Individuals & Their Communities
America’s Health Rankings is designed to measure, report on, and improve the health of our nation. Presented by United Health Foundation, America's Health Rankings has tracked the health of the nation for the past 25 years, providing a unique, comprehensive perspective on how the nation and each state measures up.

America's Health Rankings® Senior Report: A Call to Action for Individuals & Their Communities
Building on the success of America's Health Rankings in not just measuring, but spurring action to improve public health, in 2013, United Health Foundation began the America's Health Rankings® Senior Report: A Call to Action for Individuals & Their Communities. Now in its second year, this report offers a comprehensive analysis of senior health on both national and state levels to help guide locally specific and targeted actions. 


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Reports & Commentaries

PDF 2015 Annual Report 
Español PDF Informe Anual 2015 - NOT YET AVAILABLE 

PDF 2015 Senior Report

Español Español PDF Informe Sobre Personas de la Tercera Edad 2015

PDF Living Longer Better: A Call to Action for State Health Officials to Promote Healthy Aging
Jewel Mullen, MD, MPH, MPA
President, Association of State and Territorial Health Officials and Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Public Health


PDF 2014 Annual Report 
Español PDF Informe Anual 2014 

Website 25 on 25
To celebrate 25 years of America’s Health Rankings, United Health Foundation asked notable leaders from public health, government, academic, business, technology and consumer arenas to provide their insights on significant achievements and challenges in America’s health over the past 25 years, as well as their aspirations and predictions for the next 25 years. Their reflections are shared in videos and written statements in a special section of the website.

Archive of 2014 Documents and Videos from 25 on 25


Kate Rubin: Introduction

Welcome. Enjoy these perspectives of leaders from the health, legislative, academic and consumer arenas as they discuss the last 25 years and look forward to the next 25 years.


PDF Jonathan Fielding: Three steps to go forward

No, 25 years ago we didn’t think the earth was flat or that diseases were transmitted via an ill-defined miasma.  But a lot was different, and many changes in health nationally and for individual states have been positive.


PDF Steve Teutsch: Evidence-Based for all Practices

Use of evidence-based practices direct efforts toward public health and clinical programs and policies that are known to work.


PDF Anna Schenck: The Chance of a lifetime

Twenty-five years is a generation – a time period in which many changes can occur. In America, we have seen a number of improvements in health status during the past generation . . . But these gains are not equally shared.


Bill Kohl: Physical Activity - a public health priority

Improvement in technology is tied to the trend of decreasing physical activity. Making physical activity a public health priority and finding ways to engineer it back into daily life will improve health outcomes around the world.


Carolyn Clancy: VA leads in treating diabetes

Diabetes affects about one million veterans treated by the Veterans Health Administration. The VA leads in developing best care practices for all aspects of diabetes.


Donna Shalala: Opportunities and challenges

What I dream of is a seamless health care system so that any patient, using any part of the health care system, will be well cared for at an affordable price.


Douglas Holtz-Eakin: Improving the Social Safety Net

The most important contribution in the next 25 years will be to show that improving the financial sustainability of the social safety net will improve public health.


Elliot Antman: Building A Knowledge Network

The American Heart Association is leading the way by building a knowledge network that will incorporate the power of the past with basic research with clinical research to provide the information necessary to improve cardiac health.


PDF Esther Dyer: Training the next generation

In the past 50 years, the number of community health centers has grown to more than 1,200. Providing care primarily for disadvantaged and marginalized populations, the next steps includes training the next generation of primary care providers.


Francis Collins: Research for future health

Research has provided success in the last 25 years and will provide improved health to those with cancer, dementia, and infectious disease in the next 25 years.


Georges Benjamin: Partnerhips Work

As the director of the American Public Health Association, I am proud of the partnership we have with America’s Health Rankings. America’s Health Rankings captures data that allows us to take on public health challenges and reach our goals.


PDF Harold Wimmer: Lung Health: More Work to Be Done

Over the past 25 years, we have seen remarkable progress in the battle to improve lung health. Air quality is dramatically improved, smoking rates are down and asthma mortality has been cut. But much work remains.


J. Dennis Hastert: Affordable care for seniors

Affordable medicine is key to quality care for seniors. Looking to the future of health care, seniors should be active participants in health care decisions.


PDF James Madara: Electronic Health Records

Well-developed Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have the potential to help physicians deliver better care more efficiently, but “usability” is the key.


PDF Jennifer Howse: Two steps for infants

Thanks to advances in neonatal medicine, improved access to regular prenatal care and lifestyle changes, like smoking cessation, the infant mortality rate in the United States has declined by more than one-third over the past 25 years.


John Hickenlooper: Striving for the top five

We really want to create a culture among governors that we are not going to settle for “B” quality. Each state should want to be number one in their region and in the top five in America.


John Seffrin: Cancer's Last Century

This could be cancer’s last century. Two out of three people survive cancer long term and the death rate has declined every year for the past 20 years.


Jonathan Fielding: Invest in all aspects of health

The major determinant of our health is not just our healthcare system, but many other aspects of our lives. We must invest across all aspects of health to have better health, including education and social supports.


Margaret Spellings: Medicare Part D & PEPFAR

Two diverse programs, Medicare Part D and PEPFAR, demonstrate the impact public health programs can have on lives both in the United States and in Africa.


Mike Osterholm: Can we maintain our success?

Across the globe, the successes in combating infectious disease has caused very large improvements in health and longevity. The challenge is if we can maintain this progress going forward.


Reed Tuckson: Time to Recommit

We have an opportunity as a nation to commit to public health and disease prevention. America’s Health Rankings provides platform for a public conversation about commitment to prevention of disease and promotion of health; the nation is listening.


Rhonda Randall: Senior Health

We are all committed to prevention for better health. However, a major challenge we face today is that over 50% of seniors have multiple chronic conditions.


Richard Gephardt: Better management of care

Looking forward, the best way to keep medicare costs down is to better manage chronic disease and begin to organize health care with people in mind.


Russell Bennett: Disparities today - Solutions tomorrow

Through an increased sense of owned and shared responsibility for a healthy lifestyle, utilization of new technologies and improved communications, disparities in health, access, utilization and outcomes can be reduced.


Tommy Thompson: Increasing access to care

America is a country of innovators, and we need to find a way to get more coverage to more people. We also need to find a way to get more individuals to go into the medical profession, especially in hard-to-serve areas. 


PDF William H Frist: Community transformation

Creating a “culture of health” in our own towns and cities is not only the most impactful thing we can do, it is potentially the most achievable because it does not require new technology, or congressional cooperation.


Wilson Compton: Drug Abuse Epidemic

In the last 20 years, we have seen a marked effect of prescription drugs in our communities. Most significant is the impact of the opioids, the pain killers.



PDF 2014 Senior Report 
Español PDF Informe Sobre Personas de la Tercera Edad 2014

Presentation PowerPoint 2014 Senior Report Overview 

PDF Measuring Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation: The Role of the Health Care Community
Kathy Greenlee, Aging, Administration for Community Living, US Department of Health and Human Services


PDF 2013 Annual Report
Español PDF Informe Anual 2013 

PDF Three Great Tasks for Health 
Harvey V. Fineberg, Institute of Medicine

PDF A Convergence of Practices and Partnerships: Reducing the Smoking Rate in Oklahoma 
Terry Cline, Oklahoma State Department of Health

PDF How Strong Community Buy-In Helped to Change the Course of San Antonio and its Health 
Julian Castro, City of San Antonio

PDF Making it Easier to Live Well in St. Louis  
Mary Jo Condon, St. Louis Area Business Health Coalition

PDF The ACA's Promise of Prevention 
Michelle Kline & Steven Weinberger, American College of Physicians

PDF Health Insurance Leads to Healthy People 
Georges Benjamin, American Public Health Association

PDF Improving Health Rankings through Evidence-Based Prevention 
Eduardo Sanchez, Partnership for Prevention


PDF 2013 Senior Report 
Español PDF Informe Sobre Personas de la Tercera Edad 2013 

PDF Working Together to Care for an Aging Nation 
Jennie Chin Hansen, American Geriatrics Society

PDF Preparing for the Future as Millions of Baby Boomers Continue to Age  
Gail Gibson Hunt, National Alliance for Caregiving

PDF Rx for Health —  Invest in America's Senior Centers to Promote Health and Prevent Disease  
James Firman, National Council on Aging 

PDF Senior Hunger: A National Problem, A Local Problem   
Enid A. Borden, National Foundation to End Senior Hunger 

PDF The Environment of Care: A Community's Journey to Become America's Healthiest Hometown 
Elliot Sussman & Joseph Hildner, The Villages Health
Stephen Klasko, Morsani College of Medicine 


PDF 2012 Annual Report 
Español PDF Informe Anual 2012 

PDF On the Front Lines: Celebrating America's Public Health Professionals 
Reed V. Tuckson, United Health Foundation

PDF The Guidebook for Healthy Communities and Healthy States  
John M. Clymer, Jonathan E. Fielding, Barbara K. Rimer, Nico P. Pronk

PDF Promoting the Public's Health in Louisiana 
David Heitmeier, Louisiana State Legislature
Karen B. DeSalvo, City of New Orleans

PDF Improving Health Outcomes: the Role of State Health Leadership 
Paul E. Jarris, Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

PDF America's Declining Health is Opportunity for Medical and Community Partnerships 
Jeremy A. Lazarus, American Medical Association

PDF Take It Outside: the Health Benefits of Parks  
Chris Kay, The Trust for Public Land

PDF The Answer is Prevention 
Eduardo Sanchez, Partnership for Prevention

PDF Improving Health Through the Places We Live, Work, and Play 
Georges Benjamin, American Public Health Association



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