Diverse Scholars Initiative

The Diverse Scholars Initiative works to create a more culturally relevant health workforce, particularly in underserved communities, by increasing the number of primary care health providers ready to meet future health care needs.  

Since the program’s inception in 2007, the United Health Foundation has provided more than $13 million in funding in support of nearly 1,850 scholarships. These scholars all have compelling stories that demonstrate why they are committed to a better future workforce.

Research has shown that patients tend to receive better personal care and are more open to receiving care and guidance from practitioners of their own race and/or ethnicity. These findings indicate that greater diversity among health professionals will likely lead to improved health and health care delivery. By cultivating health professionals from diverse, multicultural backgrounds, United Health Foundation hopes to increase culturally-competent health care delivery, close the health disparities gap, and improve health outcomes over the long term.

Investing in the country’s future health workforce is not only limited to multi-year financial support. Diverse Scholars Initiative provides mentor and internship programs, and assistance with monitoring graduation rates and professional outcomes. Scholars must demonstrate financial need, the pursuit of a degree that will lead to a career as a primary care health professional, and a commitment to working in underserved communities. Visit our fact sheet for more information.

Diverse Scholars Initiative partners with nine nonprofit and civic organizations to provide scholarships to undergraduate, graduate and doctorate level students across the country.

American Indian College Fund
Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute
National Association of Hispanic Nurses
National Hispanic Health Foundation
National Medical Fellowships
The Jackie Robinson Foundation
United Negro College Fund

To apply for scholarships, please visit the partner’s websites. Specific requirements and application deadlines vary by organization.

Diverse Scholars Forum

The Diverse Scholars Forum brings together undergraduate, graduate and doctorate-level scholarship recipients from across the nation. Scholars meet with policymakers and thought leaders to discuss the nation’s most pressing health issues, network with peers and special guests, and engage in interactive dialogue to share their own ideas and experiences.

Meet some of our 2016 Diverse Scholars Initiative participants:

Image of Adrial Lobelo

Adrial Lobelo


Image of Alexa Mieses

Alexa Mieses


Image of Beveryly Apodaca

Beverly Apodaca

Image of David Koffa

David Koffa


Image of DAyn DeGroat

D'Ayn DeGroat


Image of Evelyn Ambush

Evelyn Ambush

Image of Felicia Andrew

Felicia Andrew


Image of Kenji Taylor

Kenji Taylor


Image of Diverse Scholar Ray Hill

Ray Hill

Image of Sainfer Aliyu

Sainfer Aliyu


Meet more of our Diverse Scholars Initiative scholarship recipients

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