Our grants support health care initiatives in our communities

Our Partners: Initiatives & Grants

United Health Foundation partners with and supports local and national organizations that are committed to innovative health care delivery that improves both access and outcomes as well as the health and lives of those we serve.

Driven by our mission to help build healthier communities, United Health Foundation and our philanthropic partners are making a difference through the following initiatives:

Better Health in Local Communities

We are committed to developing and supporting innovative and evidence-based ideas that help the health system work better. We identify meaningful partnerships and initiatives that we believe have the potential to be scaled, leading to improved access to care, better health outcomes, and healthier communities.

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Better Health for All

We partner with organizations that have a shared mission to improve the health and quality of life for all people. Initiatives include preventive health, disease prevention and management, healthy aging and physical fitness.

Future Health Workforce

From offering scholarships to students pursuing careers in health care to helping institutions train and retain primary care providers, we are dedicated to supporting the future workforce to best meet evolving, diverse health care needs.

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 Supporting Health and People in Communities™




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