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For Grant Seekers
We proactively seek and nurture partnerships with key organizations and rely on their areas of health expertise to help allocate our funding.

We nurture partnerships with key organizations and rely on their areas of health expertise to help allocate our funding. Organizations must be invited by United Health Foundation to apply for grants, and must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, or a public agency/unit of government.

Activities ineligible for funding include capital campaigns, project planning grants, general operations, direct financial assistance to individuals, endowments, fundraising events or development campaigns, political causes, candidates or legislative lobbying efforts, recreational, sporting events or athletic associations, religious organizations for religious purposes, or basic or biomedical research.

If you have questions regarding our initiatives and grants, please explore our website, or contact us. Guidelines, deadlines or applications are not directly available through our website.

Welcome to the United Health Foundation

The United Health Foundation was established by UnitedHealth Group in 1999 as a not-for-profit, private foundation dedicated to improving health and health care. The Foundation is helping to build healthier communities through the following initiatives:

Our People

Compassion for others is a distinctive characteristic our people demonstrate every day.

We share our unique experience, knowledge and passion to improve all areas of the health system. Our people help communities and individuals by volunteering their time and making financial contributions throughout the year.


Through UnitedHealth Group’s giving program, employees can support the organizations closest to their hearts. United Health Foundation provides a dollar for dollar match for employees financial contributions to nearly all charities and nonprofit organizations.

Image of Alachua Volunteering


At UnitedHealth Group, we foster a healthy spirit of volunteerism that empowers our people to give their time and talents to help build healthier communities, across the nation and around the world.


Our Partners

The power of partnership and collaboration is key to improving the health of our communities.

We partner with organizations committed to innovative health care delivery that improves access and outcomes. Each year, United Health Foundation provides contributions and support to organizations locally and nationally whose work aims to improve the health and lives of those we both serve.

Connecting Individuals to Quality Care

All health care is local, and through strategic partnerships, programs and initiatives we are connecting individuals around the globe to much needed care.

Supporting Whole-Person Health

Many factors impact health, including where an individual lives, adequate housing and convenient transportation services. Our partnerships and mission go beyond health and access to care.

Serving Distinct Populations

We are committed to providing responsive, compassionate service to seniors, the military and veterans community, moms and kids in need, the chronically ill, and vulnerable and diverse communities.

Creating a 21st Century Health Workforce

We are helping build healthier communities by working to create a modern health workforce that can meet distinct cultural needs, analyze complex data and provide the right type of care in the right setting.

 Supporting Health and People in Communities™



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